Why “Serve” When You Can Be the King…of Kindness?

Now, imagine this: you’re at a hospital, and your doctor enters wearing a shimmering crown, sits atop a golden throne, and looks down upon you. No, it’s not a scene from a medical drama parody, but rather an exaggerated take on a hierarchical medical system. You’d giggle, right? But isn’t it funny that so many healthcare establishments operate on such strict hierarchical lines?

Enter servant leadership. It’s the idea that true leaders put the needs of others first. In healthcare, it’s not just a nice-to-have, it’s a lifesaver. Why? Because medicine is as much about healing the heart as it is about treating the body. And nothing mends the heart like empathy, kindness, and politeness.

You might ask, “But isn’t a hierarchy important?” Well, think about it. In a place where the stakes are life and death, do you really want a leader playing “King of the Hill” while patients are waiting for care? Or would you rather have a team, shoulder to shoulder, where the doctor and the janitor can swap stories over coffee, knowing they both play a crucial part in the patient’s healing journey?

You see, leaders who thump their chests, roar, and look down upon others often are just trying to drown out the squeaky voice of their own insecurities. Remember, a lion doesn’t need to tell everyone it’s a lion.

So, here’s a thought: Next time you’re looking for healthcare, find a place where there’s no throne, but there’s plenty of heart. Because in medicine, the real crown jewel is compassionate care.