The Worst Excuse We Give Ourselves: “I don’t have time!”

“I don’t have time!” Ah, the catchphrase we’ve all uttered as we dodge the gym or skip a jog. We often treat our 24-hour day like a jam-packed suitcase, zipping it shut and declaring, “See? No room for exercise!” But let’s unpack this suitcase of a day, shall we?

First off, the big blocks: 7-8 hours are cordoned off for sleep. No messing with that; you need your beauty rest. Then there’s work, a respectable 12-hour chunk. Throw in an hour for the daily commute, and voila, you still have 3-4 glorious hours left! Now, here’s where the magic happens. Can you spare just 30-45 minutes from those hours for exercise? Because if you can, your heart will thank you with a standing ovation.

By dedicating a small slice of your day to physical activity, you’re essentially pumping ‘life juice’ straight into your cardiovascular system. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure, strengthens your heart, and improves circulation. It’s like giving your heart a spa day without the cucumbers and overpriced herbal tea.

So, next time you’re tempted to say, “I don’t have time,” remember that the same clock that ticks away your meetings and Netflix binges can be your ally in longevity and health. And let’s face it, the only running we should be avoiding is running out of time for ourselves.